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PELA and Towards Justice are excited to offer you a 2 Credit CLE program on May 29, 2019 discussing statutory and regulatory changes to Colorado wage and hour law.  This program is FREE if you agree to use what you learn to assist a Colorado organization in preparing and submitting comments to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment in response to that agency’s informal rule-making on the Wage Order this summer.

CLE:  Colorado Wage-and-Hour Law: Statutory and Regulatory Changes on the Horizon

DATE:  May 29, 2019

TIME:  12:15-2:15pm

LOCATION:  Busse Board Room, Mile High United Way, 711 Park Avenue, Denver, CO 80203

This short-term project is a great way to get involved in re-shaping Colorado wage and hour law and representing clients who would otherwise go unrepresented.


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