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Empowering Temp. Staffing Agency Workers to Recover Stolen Wages: Valverde v. Xclusive Staffing, Inc. et al

Exploitation of Immigrants and Guestworkers Wage Theft / Misclassification


Towards Justice represents a proposed class of temporary workers employed by one of Colorado’s largest staffing companies, XClusive Staffing. The workers allege that XClusive Staffing and its President Diane Astley have been stealing hard earned wages through illegal deductions and other wage and hour violations for years. Workers allege that XClusive continues to force its employees to pay to get paid – charging employees $3.00 on each payday to cover the cost of issuing their paychecks – and auto-deducting work time for breaks that employees are never allowed to take.


4/5/2016 Employee Files Complaint Against Xclusive Staffing

4/1/2016 Hotel staffing agency sued over alleged wage laws violations

3/24/2016 Class Says Hotel Staffing Firm Cheated Them

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