Collaborating Attorney Network

Pro Bono Attorneys:

Towards Justice actively recruits attorneys willing to volunteer their time and expertise to help litigate wage justice cases. Pro bono attorney relationships are structured in two ways, either (1) the attorney provides research and drafting support that is directly supervised by Towards Justice attorneys, or (2) the pro bono attorney takes on a wage justice case referred by Towards Justice, and relies on Towards Justice to provide training and technical assistance throughout the litigation. If you are interested in getting involved in this way, please send your resume to, and include “Pro Bono Attorney” in the subject line.

Collaborating Attorneys Network:

Towards Justice has become a tremendous community resource, not only because it provides direct legal services, but also because it helps low-wage workers access justice. To do this, Towards Justice refers workers with substantial claims that may be absorbed by the private market to its Collaborating Attorneys Network. Towards Justice provides technical assistance to Collaborating Attorneys, and training to first-time collaborators. If you are interested in receiving case referrals through our Collaborating Attorneys Network, please send your resume to, a note describing your legal experience and practice, and include “Collaborating Attorneys Network” in the subject line.