Letter to Colorado Attorney General Philip Weiser

RE: JBS’s Commission of a Public Nuisance Relating to COVID-19

Dear Attorney General Weiser,

We write to urge your office to investigate the workplace safety and public health crisis that has plagued JBS USA, Inc. (“JBS”) workers and their communities in and around Greeley, Colorado during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you know, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”)
recently issued a citation to JBS and proposed a $15,615 penalty against the company for its
“serious violations” at JBS’s Greeley facility. We fear that this meager and insulting penalty,
which amounts to only around $2500 per worker life lost at that plant, will only embolden
JBS’s brazen prioritization of its extraordinary profits over the health and safety of working
Coloradans. Colorado is not, however, helpless to act.

Read the entire letter here.

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