Pre-Rulemaking Comments on Colorado Overtime and Minimum Pay Standards (COMPS)

Towards Justice regularly engages with the community, workers, and regulators to advance, expand and clarify worker protections. Just this week, Towards Justice provided comments describing ways that our state’s wage and hour law could be clarified through regulation. In particular, Towards Justice encouraged the CDLE to revise wage and hour law to ensure that all workers receive the best possible meal period when working more than 5 consecutive hours. These comments, and others Towards Justice shares with lawmakers, are informed by our experience representing workers in court, where we see the myriad ways that employers can chip away at workplace rights.

Read Towards Justice’s comments submitted to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment on September 14, 2021

In The Courtroom

Our litigators help workers advance legal claims that address systemic injustice. We use antitrust, anti-slavery, fraud, wage-and-hour, and common-law challenges to address the wide variety of practices that nickel-and-dime low-wage workers out of their hard-earned wages. We have represented a hundred thousand childcare workers alleging wage suppression, tens of thousands of immigrant detainees alleging forced labor, and hundreds of construction workers, shepherds, manicurists, janitors, and kitchen hood cleaners. We are leaders in challenging anti-competitive practices that reduce worker bargaining power and support marginalized people who challenge structural impediments to their advancement.

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