When: Monday, June 24
Time: 10:30am MST / 12:30pm EST / 9:30am PST
Where: Online via Zoom

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What:  Join us to hear from national experts, including former officials from state attorneys general offices and from the Obama Administration’s Department of Labor, about the importance of lead firm accountability for wage theft in the construction industry. Wage theft deprives Colorado workers of over $728 Million Dollars each year and disproportionately victimizes low-wage workers and workers of color. Labor market fissuring, in which corporations engage labor market intermediaries to directly employ workers, compounds the wage theft problem by pushing financial pressures down the chain of contracting to those entities with the highest labor costs. This incentivizes wage theft and complicates wage recovery. Construction is an industry with extraordinary labor market fissuring and – too often – outsourcing of responsibility to workers under the labor and employment laws. In the construction industry, we therefore need a unique solution to prevent wage theft and ensure that victims can be made whole. This webinar will provide policymakers and advocates with information about various state and local approaches to wage theft accountability in the construction industry, as well as concrete ideas for policies to deter and address wage theft on Colorado construction sites.