Our Work

Towards Justice is a nonprofit law firm that seeks to advance economic justice through impact litigation, strategic policy advocacy, and capacity building. We were founded in response to the high volume of wage theft complaints that were not being addressed in Colorado, but quickly broadened our scope to take on cases that dismantle the power imbalances that undermine the value of work and diminish worker rights.

In the Courtroom

Our litigators help workers advance legal claims that address systemic injustice. We use antitrust, anti-slavery, fraud, wage-and-hour, and common-law challenges to address the wide variety of practices that nickel-and-dime low-wage workers out of their hard-earned wages. Read more here.

In the Halls of Power

Towards Justice strategically engages with policy makers and public officials on issues that affect worker power and enforcement of workplace protections.

In the Community

While our litigators seek back wages, fight forced labor, and combat fraud, our team also engages with low-wage workers to understand their challenges and the creative new ways employers are undermining worker power and nickel and diming their workers. We also proactively educate workers about their rights and help them to identify illegal practices, provide free, confidential employment rights consultations, and connect wage theft victims to the partners best positioned to help.