Who We Are

Towards Justice is a nonprofit law firm that represents workers in litigation and other advocacy in an effort to build worker power and advance economic justice in our home state of Colorado and across the country.

To advance economic justice in the workplace and beyond, Towards Justice focuses its work in several key areas.

  • When I realized that I had been a victim of wage theft I felt a little disgusted with the employer. I tried to speak with him about my unpaid wages and nothing happened. It affected me greatly thinking about how much time I spent working on this construction project.

  • I am grateful for the services that I received from Towards Justice. I entrusted Towards Justice to carry out the services that they offered and I am happy to have recuperated the money that was owed to me for my work.

  • I was in a bind at the time that I experienced wage theft, and this money will help my family – particularly my five kids – with bills, clothes, and other necessities. I’m thankful and glad that Towards Justice listened to me and actually cared about the outcome of my case. It feels good to open the doors for other workers as well; now they can see that it all wasn’t for nothing.

    Miguel Heredia