Press Release: Towards Justice and the National Domestic Workers Alliance Call on the Department of State to Protect Au Pairs’ Basic Employment Rights

DENVER – On Friday, Towards Justice and the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) submitted comments to the Department of State calling on the agency to regulate the au pair program like a work program and ensure that au pairs have access to justice when their workplace rights are violated. The comments explained that although the Department … Continued

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Press Release: Towards Justice Supports Wage Theft Bill In State Legislature

DENVER – This week, in collaboration with labor unions, workers, and worker organizations from across the state, Towards Justice supported Colorado House Majority Leader Monica Duran and State Representative Meg Froelich’s introduction of a new bill in the State Legislature that would allow Colorado construction workers to recover illegally stolen wages from the general contractors who … Continued

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Press Release: Tenant Files Class Action Suit Against Colorado Mega Landlord for Junk Fees

DENVER – Late Tuesday night, Nichole Collins filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Greystar, the largest apartment management company in the country, alleging that Greystar charges Colorado tenants illegal and hidden “junk fees” on top of their monthly rents, driving up already sky-high housing costs across the state in service of Greystar’s profits. Ms. Collins … Continued

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Press Release: Towards Justice To Hold Press Event As Amazon Tries To Avoid Court

DENVER – This month, four Amazon delivery drivers opposed efforts by Amazon to use fine-print forced arbitration provisions to kill their lawsuit against the company. The lawsuit alleges that Amazon, one of the wealthiest and most powerful companies in the world, forces its delivery drivers to meet harsh delivery quotas, implemented through minute-by-minute workplace surveillance, … Continued

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Press Release: Pilots Reach Settlement with Frontier Airlines Over Lactation and Pregnancy Policies

DENVER – Five pilots have reached a settlement with Frontier Airlines resolving EEOC charges filed in May 2018 and a lawsuit filed in December 2019 alleging that the company discriminates against pregnant and lactating employees. As part of the settlement, which does not admit any liability, Frontier Airlines has agreed to several policy changes that … Continued

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Press Release: J-1 Worker Brings Class Action Alleging Misuse of Internship Program by St. Regis Hotel in Aspen

Aspen, CO — On Friday, a former employee of the St. Regis Hotel in Aspen, Colorado brought a proposed class action alleging that the luxury hotel had manipulated the J-1 internship program to exploit him and dozens of other former interns. Daniel Esteban Camas López, represented by attorneys at Towards Justice, alleges that the hotel … Continued

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Press Release: Towards Justice Announces Wage Justice Champions and First-Of-Its-Kind Collaboration Ahead of Annual Event

Denver, CO — Towards Justice is awarding two leaders with its 2023 Wage Justice Champion recognition: Kathy White, Executive Director of the Colorado Fiscal Institute and Laura Wolf, Partner at Spark Justice Law and is announcing a new partnership with Centro Humanitario ahead of its annual “Just Wages” event on October 19. For decades, Kathy … Continued

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Press Release: Workers’ Rights Organizations File Suit Against Jared Polis for Backroom Deal Exempting Southwest Airlines from Following Paid Sick Leave Laws

On Monday, TWU Local 556, a union of Colorado-based flight attendants, represented by Towards Justice and Milstein Turner PLLC, filed suit against Governor Jared Polis and the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment in state court, arguing that the administration granted an illegal backroom exemption from paid sick leave laws to Southwest Airlines through a … Continued

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Press Release: Former PetSmart Groomer Caught in Predatory Training Repayment Agreement Provision (TRAP) Denied Access to Justice

By Ordering Dispute Resolved Through Arbitration, Federal Judge Says PetSmart Can Use Coercive Fine Print to Avoid Accountability for TRAP Denver, Colorado — Today, BreAnn Scally, a former PetSmart groomer who brought a high-profile class action lawsuit against the giant pet retailer for using illegal training repayment agreement provisions (TRAPs), filed for leave to appeal … Continued

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Towards Justice June Newsletter | Amazon Lawsuit

We sued Amazon (again!). Last month, we filed a class-action lawsuit against Amazon for its failure to provide reasonable access to the bathroom, violating Colorado’s labor laws and creating an illegal disparate impact on people with typically female anatomy. Click here to view the entire newsletter. In a complaint filed in Colorado, three Amazon delivery drivers … Continued

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