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ICYMI: Towards Justice Calls on White House

ICYMI: Towards Justice Calls on White House,
Releases Explainer Video Tackling Worker Surveillance

Denver, Colorado – Worker surveillance has become one of the most pressing issues facing workers today, as corporations exploit technological advances to vastly expand their surveillance and control over workers.

Earlier this month, Towards Justice called on the White House to create a coordinated response to corporate surveillance and automated manipulation of workers across the country.

Now, Towards Justice is continuing the conversation around worker surveillance and the harm it poses, by releasing an explainer video diving into the issue.

Says the explainer video: “Often implemented without worker knowledge or consent, automated surveillance can be used to collect data on a wide array of worker behaviors, from monitoring keystrokes on a keyboard to tracking the number of packages a warehouse worker scans per minute.

Surveillance isn’t just about watching workers. It’s about controlling them.”

Added Towards Justice’s Executive Director David Seligman, “Towards Justice has represented thousands of workers who are victims of this dramatic increase in workplace surveillance. Corporations are using technology to control their workers. It’s as dystopian as it gets.”

He continued, “Earlier this month, we called on the White House to convene every relevant department to create a coordinated response to dangerous worker surveillance. This week, we’re continuing the momentum around this moment by releasing this explainer video.”

Towards Justice’s cases, comments submitted to the White House, and now the explainer video highlight the complexities and legal implications of workplace surveillance, and the need for prompt action, now.

Towards Justice has submitted its call to the White House and released this explainer video while leading litigation against Amazon, Uber, and Lyft for surveillance practices that manipulate wages, dodge labor laws, and prevent workers from getting sufficient bathroom breaks.

A leader in the fight for economic equity, Towards Justice is a nonprofit law firm that uses impact litigation, policy advocacy, and comments like those submitted to the White House to build worker power and advance economic equity.

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