Were you fired or penalized while waiting for FMLA or other leave to be approved by Amazon in Washington State?

What’s happening

We are investigating whether Amazon illegally fired, penalized, or retaliated against workers who asked to take leave from work. We believe a class action lawsuit could be filed over the issue.

If a lawsuit is filed and successful, Washington Amazon employees could have the chance to collect money damages and force Amazon to come into compliance with the law.

Who this investigation affects

Those who work or have worked at an Amazon warehouse in Washington in the last three years who requested  FMLA, WPFMLA, or other leave and were penalized or fired for missing work while waiting for the leave to be approved.

What does Washington law say about FMLA and other leave?

Amazon claims that its workers can receive job-protected leave due to qualifying medical conditions. However, our attorneys suspect that Amazon may not have complied with this law and illegally misrepresented the availability of benefits like leave.

How a class action could help

If a class action lawsuit is filed and successful, some warehouse workers in Washington may be entitled to money damages. A successful case could also force Amazon to change its practices to ensure employees are allowed to apply for qualifying leave and miss work without being fired or penalized. If you work or have worked at an Amazon warehouse in Washington State and were terminated or otherwise disciplined after requesting leave from work, you could be owed damages, and we would like to hear your story.