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Episode 1: TJ Talks – Unemployment Insurance

Watch Jesus and David discuss the ins and outs of Unemployment Insurance.

Jump ahead to the question that interest you:

  • 1:20 “What is unemployment insurance?
  • 3:59 “What if my employer didn’t pay into the Unemployment Insurance Fund?
  • 4:41 “What if I’ve been furloughed? Can I apply for Unemployment Insurance?
  • 5:17 “Who qualifies for Unemployment Insurance Benefits?”
  • 6:11 “Do independent contractors qualify for unemployment insurance benefits?”
  • 7:39 “Can undocumented workers qualify for unemployment benefits?”
  • 9:00 “What about people who have DACA? Can they apply for unemployment insurance benefits?
  • 9:21 “What if my unemployment benefits claim was denied?”
  • 10:04 “What about people who have been furloughed but have not been called back to work? Can they continue to receive unemployment benefits?
  • 10:43 “What about people who have been called back to work but are afraid to go back to work because of safety concerns?”