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Joint Statement

Towards Justice and Nichols Kaster PLLP issue the following statement, which the Regional Transportation District in Denver (RTD) has already issued. Towards Justice and Nichols Kaster PLLP represented the former applicant in the matter described.

Joint Statement

RTD has resolved a complaint raised by a former applicant for employment as an RTD bus driver. The complaint involved a policy associated with RTD’s hiring practices that automatically denied employment to any applicant with more than a certain number of points on their driver’s license. The former applicant alleged that, because people of color are more likely to be pulled over and to receive points for non-serious traffic violations, this policy allegedly impacted applicants of color.

As a result of the former applicant bringing this matter to RTD’s attention, RTD will revise its hiring practices for transit operators to conduct an individualized review of applicants’ driving records to determine suitability for employment.

Safety remains a core value at RTD, and the new hiring process will continue to uphold that value by promoting a thorough review of each applicant’s driving record. RTD appreciates the applicant bringing this issue to the forefront, and the applicant appreciates RTD’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in its hiring practices and workplaces.

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