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Damages In Class Actions Consumer Protection Act

Last week, Governor Polis signed the Damages In Class Actions Consumer Protection Act bill into law. This law will allow Colorado’s consumers, workers, small businesses, and so many others who are harmed by fraud and unfair practices to hold corporate wrongdoers accountable through class actions. Class actions are essential tools for protecting our communities. They allow those who don’t have the money to hire a lawyer on their own or who may be too fearful to vindicate their rights through an individual lawsuit to band together to hold more powerful interests accountable. This new law will not only help Coloradans vindicate their rights, it will also deter harmful behavior and ensure that bad actors cannot escape accountability. There’s so much more to do to level the playing field in our state but allowing people to band together to hold powerful corporations to account for misconduct is an important step in the right direction. Towards Justice commends our state legislature, particularly Representative Woodrow and Senator Rodriguez, and Governor Polis for enacting this law.