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Towards Justice June Newsletter | Amazon Lawsuit

We sued Amazon (again!). Last month, we filed a class-action lawsuit against Amazon for its failure to provide reasonable access to the bathroom, violating Colorado’s labor laws and creating an illegal disparate impact on people with typically female anatomy. Click here to view the entire newsletter.

In a complaint filed in Colorado, three Amazon delivery drivers alleged they are forced to urinate in bottles in the back of delivery vans and even defecate in dog waste bags – all so Amazon can maintain its unreasonable delivery schedules.

According to the drivers, Amazon makes it virtually impossible for drivers to pause from work for even a few minutes without facing discipline. In some cases, according to the case, managers will go so far as to tell their drivers to urinate and defecate outside the view of the vehicle.

Workers have a federal right to reasonable bathroom access, but because of underenforcement, they’ve suffered without these protections for decades. Pervasive workplace surveillance has only made matters worse for workers across the economy, including for these drivers. That’s why our clients are speaking out.

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