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Press Release: Towards Justice To Hold Press Event As Amazon Tries To Avoid Court

DENVER – This month, four Amazon delivery drivers opposed efforts by Amazon to use fine-print forced arbitration provisions to kill their lawsuit against the company.

The lawsuit alleges that Amazon, one of the wealthiest and most powerful companies in the world, forces its delivery drivers to meet harsh delivery quotas, implemented through minute-by-minute workplace surveillance, that deny them reasonable access to the bathroom.

According to the lawsuit, delivery drivers rushing to meet Amazon’s harsh holiday delivery metrics across Colorado are forced to urinate in bottles, defecate in bags, and hold their urine at the risk of great physical harm to keep their jobs. Now, Amazon is exploiting a fine-print contract they say these workers had no choice but to sign, all in an effort to make this case go away.

Towards Justice invites members of the press to join its attorneys, clients, and other transportation and delivery workers harmed by abusive corporate power and arbitration clauses today at 2pm in front of the Alfred A. Arraj United States Courthouse (901 19th St, Denver, CO 80294).

If you are unable to join, we’ll be sending a follow-up press release tomorrow with coverage from the event.

Towards Justice filed its initial lawsuit against Amazon on behalf of three Amazon drivers in May, drawing national attention and a flurry of press coverage to the atrocious working conditions that drive Amazon’s profits.

Last month, Amazon moved to compel arbitration based on purported arbitration requirements that it says the plaintiffs in the case signed with the Delivery Service Partners that served as their direct employer. If it were successful, Amazon’s motion would prevent the case from proceeding in court as a class action. Even if not successful, it threatens to delay the litigation.

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