Press Release: Judge Rules That Requiring Workers To Pay For Training Benefiting Employers Violates The Law

DENVER – Yesterday, a federal judge denied a motion to dismiss in Fredericks v. Ameriflight, a lawsuit brought in January 2023 on behalf of a proposed class of airline pilots by Towards Justice, the Student Borrower Protection Center, Fair Work, P.C., and Tremain Artaza, PLLC challenging cargo airline Ameriflight’s use of a Training Repayment Agreement Provision … Continued

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Press Release: Towards Justice and the National Domestic Workers Alliance Call on the Department of State to Protect Au Pairs’ Basic Employment Rights

DENVER – On Friday, Towards Justice and the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) submitted comments to the Department of State calling on the agency to regulate the au pair program like a work program and ensure that au pairs have access to justice when their workplace rights are violated. The comments explained that although the Department … Continued

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Press Release: Towards Justice Supports Wage Theft Bill In State Legislature

DENVER – This week, in collaboration with labor unions, workers, and worker organizations from across the state, Towards Justice supported Colorado House Majority Leader Monica Duran and State Representative Meg Froelich’s introduction of a new bill in the State Legislature that would allow Colorado construction workers to recover illegally stolen wages from the general contractors who … Continued

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Press Release: Tenant Files Class Action Suit Against Colorado Mega Landlord for Junk Fees

DENVER – Late Tuesday night, Nichole Collins filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Greystar, the largest apartment management company in the country, alleging that Greystar charges Colorado tenants illegal and hidden “junk fees” on top of their monthly rents, driving up already sky-high housing costs across the state in service of Greystar’s profits. Ms. Collins … Continued

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Press Release: Towards Justice To Hold Press Event As Amazon Tries To Avoid Court

DENVER – This month, four Amazon delivery drivers opposed efforts by Amazon to use fine-print forced arbitration provisions to kill their lawsuit against the company. The lawsuit alleges that Amazon, one of the wealthiest and most powerful companies in the world, forces its delivery drivers to meet harsh delivery quotas, implemented through minute-by-minute workplace surveillance, … Continued

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Towards Justice July Newsletter | TRAPs

Top News We’ve been busy supporting workers across the country to challenge stay-or-pay contracts that keep workers trapped in their jobs, workplace surveillance and automated management of workers, and the scourge of forced labor. Last month, we brought a new lawsuit against tech bootcamp Smoothstack for locking our client into illegal TRAPs. A type of … Continued