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PHEW Whistleblower Complaint against Denver Health

Abuses of Corporate Power COVID-19


Heroic healthcare workers on the front line of a pandemic working in near-capacity ICUs have taken a stand and filed Colorado’s first whistleblower or qui tam complaint against Denver Health, alleging that the medical center has a policy of preventing workers from raising concerns about COVID-19 safety and systemic racism.

Under Colorado’s new Public Health Emergency Whistleblower Law it is illegal for employers to retaliate against workers who speak out about public health emergencies. Workers at Denver Health allege that their employer systematically squelches workplace speech when they raise concerns about workplace safety and health issues related to COVID-19 and systemic racism—both of which have been declared public health crises by Colorado and the City of Denver.

Towards Justice supports Denver Health Workers United—a union of workers employed by Denver Health—in filing the first “qui tam” complaint under the Colorado Public Health Emergency Whistleblower Law

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