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Workers Seek Order Forcing OSHA to Intervene to Protect Them from COVID-19: Jane Does I, II, III, et al v. Eugene Scalia, in his official capacity as United States Secretary of Labor

COVID-19 Exploitation of Immigrants and Guestworkers Meatpacking


Workers at the Maid-Rite Specialty Foods facility and Friends of Farmworkers, Inc. d/b/a Justice at Work, in its capacity as the workers’ authorized employee representative, allege that Maid-Rite’s practices endanger their safety on a daily basis. These practices include configuring the production line in such a way that workers cannot social distance, failing to provide cloth face coverings, failing to provide adequate hand-washing opportunities, creating incentives for workers to attend work sick, and rotating workers from other facilities in a way that increases the risk of spreading the virus.

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