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Empowering Workers to Recover Earned Wages: Miles v. Ella Bliss Beauty Bar

Wage Theft / Misclassification


Representing manicurist Lisa Miles, Towards Justice and co-counsel filed a class action lawsuit in Federal Court alleging that Ella Bliss Beauty Bar systematically stole employees’ wages in blatant violation of state and federal law. Workers allege that Ella Bliss implemented systematic, written policies that were clearly illegal and denied workers the hard-earned wages needed to support their families. Ella Bliss Beauty Bar forced its service technicians to perform janitorial work without pay, refused to pay overtime, withheld tips, and shorted commissions. Ms. Miles not only seeks her own back wages, but also the wages stolen from all Ella Bliss Beauty Bar Service Technicians. Towards Justice represents the plaintiff with co-counsel Killmer Lane & Newman LLP.

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