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In May 2023, three Amazon DSP drivers in Colorado filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Amazon for not paying drivers for missed 10-minute rest periods that are required by Colorado law. The drivers also allege that Amazon uses location tracking and surveillance to implement pace-of-work requirements that prevent drivers from pausing to take care of even basic human needs, like using the bathroom. The lawsuit describes how Amazon drivers are frequently required to urinate in bottles to satisfy Amazon’s delivery metrics. The drivers are represented by Towards Justice and their co-counsel from Public Justice and Terrell Marshall Law Group PLLC. 

The court has not yet decided if the case can proceed as a class action, but if you are a member of the proposed class then you don’t need to take any other action to join the case. If the court certifies the class alleged in the complaint, then you will be part of the class and covered by the lawsuit without having to take further action.

Currently this case affects only DSP drivers in Colorado. If you have worked as an Amazon DSP driver in another state, we are also interested in hearing from you. Please submit your contact information using the form below, and we will follow up if there are any developments involving workers in other states.

If you think you have useful evidence about the claims alleged in the complaint or questions about how the case affects you, we encourage you to fill out the below form. We will review your information and may be in touch if we have additional questions.

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