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Gill et al. v. Uber & Lyft is a class action case filed in state court in California that alleges that Uber and Lyft are violating California antitrust and unfair competition law by classifying their drivers as independent contractors but denying them the autonomy that being an independent contractor involves. The crux of the case is that Uber and Lyft can’t on the one hand deny drivers the benefits required by the employment laws while also denying them economic independence, including control over prices and the right to know the destination of a customer before accepting a ride. The case also alleges that the companies keep workers from switching between platforms through the use of incentives and bonuses that require them to commit to one company in order to earn a living.

The case was brought by three Uber and Lyft drivers in California on behalf of all people in California who have driven for either of the companies since June 21, 2018 and who have opted out of either of the companies’ arbitration clauses. The court has not yet decided if the case can proceed as a class action, but if you are a member of the proposed class then you don’t need to take any other action to join the case. If the court certifies the class alleged in the complaint, then you will be part of the class and covered by the lawsuit without having to take further action.

If you have driven in California for the past four years but did not opt out of Uber and Lyft’s arbitration agreements, we would still be interested in speaking with you and investigating your claim.  Please use the form below to contact us.

If you think you have useful evidence about the claims alleged in the complaint or questions about how the case affects you, we encourage you to fill out the below form. We will review your information and may be in touch over the next several weeks if we have additional questions.


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