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Training Repayment Agreements



Training Repayment Agreement Provisions, or TRAPs, are contracts that require employees to work for their employer for a certain period of time or else repay their employer for the cost of “free” training provided on the job. Where the training provided is primarily for the benefit of the employer or does not provide a transferable credential, or where the TRAP is provided to the employee without certain required disclosures, it may violate state or federal law.

TRAPs are commonly used to keep employees tied to low-paying or grueling positions. For examples of lawsuits challenging TRAPs filed by Towards Justice and our partners, you can visit our case pages for Fredericks v. Ameriflight and Scally v. PetSmart.

If you are subject to a TRAP, we are interested in hearing from you. Please submit your contact information to our form here: CONTACT US. We will review your information and may be in touch over the next several weeks if we have additional questions.

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